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Action Aid

Action Aid

We are proud to be involved with Action Aid and have made a commitment to help. ActionAid improves people’s lives every day and work relentlessly to change whatever is keeping them trapped in poverty. This means having a better chance of ending poverty for good.

Do something amazing today, sponsor a child with ActionAid, setup your sponsorship by phone on 01460 23 80 80

Sponsor a child today

A Simple Fact: Child sponsorship can change a life.

Across Africa, Asia and The Americas there are children whose smiles are full of hope, but whose dreams may never be realised due to the grinding poverty they live in.

Children who can not attend school and families struggles to earn an income and the children often go to bed hungry. Unless things change for their family children may not be able to continue their education. There are many children who all share one thing - the hope that you'll sponsor them and help them realise their dreams.

ActionAid child sponsorship gives hope to thousands of children around the world. As a child sponsor, you'll have the chance to help a whole community take control of their lives and end their poverty. Become an ActionAid child sponsor today.

What you'll receive from ActionAid child sponsorship

ActionAid child sponsorship is the start of an incredible one-to-one relationship between you and child in the developing world.

  • After you become a sponsor, they will introduce you to a child with a photograph and some information about their life and the problems they face.

  • Then you can then look forward to regular updates direct from the community. You will get two personal messages a year from your sponsored child, along with reports about the difference you are making to so many lives.

  • Sponsoring a child with ActionAid is so easy to do. Just follow the link, enter your details, and start changing lives straight away.

Sponsor a child today

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